Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Published February 16, 2017

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

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I sort of knew I was in love with Amy Poehler simply for seeing her on Parks & Rec, and They Came Together. Now I know I am in love with her, because this memoir is a brilliant inspirational and wonderfully open piece of work. It starts by talking about how freaking difficult it is to write a book, which really sets the tone for the rest of the chapters.

They are meandering and strung together and paragraphs go off on tangents, but it is all easy to follow, all totally brilliant. I don’t agree with every statement, but for the most part, it’s hard to argue with life-affirming details - from a better attitude for women to have about other women, to the incredible thoughts on time travel.

There are even some contributions from outside sources, and a quirky sign off that is worthwhile working towards. Highly recommended. And now I’m going to binge watch Parks & Rec all over again.

Rating: Unrated

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