What Makes Us Stronger by Freya Lewis

Published August 16, 2021

What Makes Us Stronger by Freya Lewis

Book info

  • Title What Makes Us Stronger
  • Author Freya Lewis
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Memoir

The Manchester Arena attack nearly destroyed her. Love and courage saved her. Freya Lewis was just three metres away from the terrorist who detonated the bomb at the Manchester arena on the night of 22nd May 2017. Her best friend Nell was tragically killed, but Freya - thrown forwards by the blast - somehow survived. She suffered 29 separate injuries, was in a coma for five days, and wheelchair-bound for three months. Yet just 12 months later, she was on her feet, running the Junior Great Manchester Run and raising £60,000 for the hospital that saved her. From her darkest moment, she found the determination to live life to the fullest, for herself, and for those who lost their lives.


The terrorist attack at Manchester Arena shocked the country and had a huge impact on many lives, so it was interesting to read the memoir of one of the young victims of the attack. Freya was there with her friend and was close to the bomber when the atrocity was undertaken.

The book details Freya’s immediate recollections of the incident and the aftermath, and then her hospital stay and gradual recovery. Freya tells the story with a wonderful heart, not afraid to open up about the dark thoughts and moments, but of course with the incredible optimism that she shares throughout. An important and honest story to have read.

Rating: 5 / 5

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