My Child and Other Mistakes by Ellie Taylor

Published August 21, 2021

My Child and Other Mistakes by Ellie Taylor

Book info

  • Title My Child and Other Mistakes
  • Author Ellie Taylor
  • Year 2021
  • Genre Memoir

My Child and Other Mistakes is the honest lowdown on Motherhood and all its grisly delights, asking the questions no one wants to admit to asking themselves - do I want a child? Do I have a favourite? Do I wish I hadn't had one and spent the money on a kitchen island instead? Stand-up comic, broadcaster and actress Ellie Taylor is relatable, clever and interested in how women can have it all. Her honest, hilarious and moving account of the whys and hows of having a baby makes perfect reading for expectant mothers and fathers everywhere, as well as those who've been there, done that, and wonder how on earth they did.


The title of this book absolutely spoke to me, I’m not at all maternal and keen to do my bit for the planet by having zero children, so to read of someone who thought their kid was a mistake and was honest enough to talk about? Brilliant. Of course, it’s not quite that brutal.

Ellie talks quite openly about her mixed feelings throughout the entirety of the journey from thinking about having kids, to the pregnancy, to birth and beyond. She talks about how ultimately there’s an undying love for her daughter, but I was really glad to read about how it’s not just as simple as unconditional affection. A great, humorous read, and a refreshing take on the mummy memoir genre.

Rating: 5 / 5

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