Unleashed by Ali Sparkes

Published April 7, 2015

Unleashed by Ali Sparkes

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I picked this up as I thought it was the start of a young adult series, and it is although it’s also a spin off of an existing set of books. I like to start things at the beginning, and there were some passages in the story that made me feel like I’d missed out on things - those catch up sentences summarising whole books as best they can.

That aside, though, it was a fun read. Lisa is a psychic medium, attached to the spirit world, and one of a group of young adults with special abilities who attend a college in Cumbria. In that regard, it’s very much like The X-Men - groups of people with supernatural style abilities who work together to solve crime and stop tragedies.

It was nicely believable though, helped by Lisa’s snarky attitude and the banter that goes between all of the characters. It can get surprisingly dark in places, but overall a good start to the new series, and presumably a good continuation of the previous as well.

Rating: Unrated

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