Three Ways to Capsize a Boat by Chris Stewart

Published April 8, 2015

Three Ways to Capsize a Boat by Chris Stewart

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Short and sweet, this book illustrates the author’s transition from sheep farmer and reluctant sailer to hardened adventurer crossing the Norwegian fjords and beyond. From the first tentative steps on board a sailing boat with a friend, through proper instruction, to the warmth of a Greek summer, and then the real challenge of an Icelandic adventure with friends, you get to feel how his spirit evolves through every stage.

It’s well written, wide-eyed and romantic, but equally realistic and funny without taking that sarcastic tone that some reluctant travel/adventure books can. It was super quick to read, too, so you can whip through it in an afternoon and decide whether you too want to start donning a lifejacket and heading out to the high seas. (I don’t, I’ll just stick to reading about it!)

Rating: Unrated

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