Too Much Information by Dave Gorman

Published July 20, 2017

Too Much Information by Dave Gorman

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Interesting book, this one. You really have to buckle yourself up for a bucket load of cynicism. Spread across your life, it’s probably a healthy amount of questioning the world around you and not just falling for every claim put in your path. Bundled together in a book like this, well, it does read a little grumpy and frustrated with the way the world’s going.

Some things I agreed with, others I wasn’t bothered about. Some I think I already question enough, others I massively disagreed with. (The conveyer belt separator complaint was really annoying. It’s insanely useful for someone who does do more than a basket full of shopping at a time, and usually has their head buried in the trolley trying to pick up the last few bits by the time the person ahead has disappeared. Where’s the room for conversation and ‘oop, those are mine’ there?)

But that’s what’s great about a book like this. It gets you thinking, and thinking skeptically, with a particular focus on media - social and mainstream - as we navigate our way through life.

Rating: Unrated

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