Think of the Children by Kerry Wilkinson

Published August 24, 2015

Think of the Children by Kerry Wilkinson

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It was great fun to catch up with Jessica Daniel again, as well as her ever-increasing circle of friends and acquaintances. I like to see how the focus ebbs and flows between the secondary characters - some moving into focus in each book and others taking a back seat.

The case is a tricky one this time, kicking off with a body found in the boot of a car - only discovered because the car was involved in a serious automobile accident on a rainy day. Two intertwined cases follow, with a sprawling list of clues and leads making life confusing for the detectives trying to piece together what actually happened.

It was nice that this one didn’t involve Jess being in too much mortal danger, although her secret mission towards the end did up the stakes a little. I didn’t quite like that sequence, it’s always slightly annoying to see the character in action but suddenly be distanced from what they’re doing and it felt like that went on for quite a long time. Nevertheless, the result was worth it - for her and for us! - and so I’m looking forward to the next one.

Rating: Unrated

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