Mary Poppins Comes Back by P. L. Travers

Published August 12, 2015

Mary Poppins Comes Back by P. L. Travers

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The second Mary Poppins book sees the return of our heroine, to pick up directly where she left off. I quite like the way she swanned back in and convinced everyone they needed her, despite the fact she left at the drop of the hat and was quite clearly going to do the same thing again.

This isn’t our cheery Mary Poppins, though, this is a strict and irritable one, who barely has a good word to say, although does let her deeds speak louder than her sentences. It was interesting to see the stories continuing to diverge massively from the on screen version. We already had four children whereas Disney preferred only two, and in this sequel, we get a brand new baby as well!

Some of the visuals were great, the idea of popping the moon, a park full of floating balloons and their owners, as well as Mary helping to bring about the spring. Other bits were slightly too chaotic for me - couldn’t quite picture the upside down Mr Turvey, or much of the goings on at the circus in the sky. I did feel sad when Mary went away at the end, though, so she certainly managed to earn her way back into my heart!

Rating: Unrated

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