The Summer We All Ran Away by Cassandra Parkin

Published August 23, 2016

The Summer We All Ran Away by Cassandra Parkin

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I knew nothing about this book when I picked it up to read, I suspect even it might have been the cover that tempted me to buy it. I’m so glad I did, though, because it’s an intriguing little mystery of a book full of bizarre but fascinating characters.

The story mostly follows Davey, who runs away from home and ends up being taken in by a group of squatters in a large house. Gradually, we find out the history of the house itself, and how the rest of the group found their way to their current situation.

It all feels a bit like a dream, the way the narratives wind in and out of each other, and gradually the pieces slot together, and the presence of a terrifying wild animal doesn’t help to ground it! But I really enjoyed the story and read it through almost in one sitting.

Rating: Unrated

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