Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

Published August 24, 2016

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

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An interesting one this. I picked it up in a “start a new series” sale and was interested to see how it would differentiate itself from other action and adventure books. It certainly did that! It stands up well in terms of the writing, the characters and the way the action unfolds, but it didn’t quite hold together for me.

The premise didn’t quite make sense, because whilst the guy was understandably upset and clearly [spoiler alert] not a terrorist, his actions were not those of a man who is thinking clearly. How could you possibly get a bill passed doing that? How would it ever stick? Surely the more sensible route would be to actually enter politics?

The ending was good, though, setting up for a new series with a new set of characters, or perhaps old familiars. I was a bit disappointed not to hear more about how the situation ended for other people - Sally, for instance - but it was a cliffhanger, and you can’t tie up loose ends with one of those!

Rating: Unrated

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