The Memory Game by Nicci French

Published March 2, 2016

The Memory Game by Nicci French

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I found this one to be much harder work than previous Nicci French books, and that’s not because the idea wasn’t good but it just felt very drawn out. For a start, the original crime happened over twenty years ago, so we’re already quite removed from the drama. The extended family introduced at the start of the book boggled my mind a little bit, and made it hard to place what exactly was going on.

Then the middle third of the book felt far too long, before we got to what was an interesting and satisfying conclusion. What I do like about Nicci French books is that the main characters are not always twenty or thirty something upstarts trying to make their way in the world. Here we have an older woman, with grown up kids and an entire past behind her, suddenly thrust back into a terrible and haunting situation.

So, overall, some good things to merit it with but not one of my favourites.

Rating: Unrated

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