Emma by Alexander McCall Smith

Published March 1, 2016

Emma by Alexander McCall Smith

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A modern retelling of the classic Jane Austen book Emma, this tale is a well known one. Emma Woodhouse likes to meddle in other people’s relationships, but it doesn’t always work out how she might have hoped. I liked seeing these characters brought into the modern age, but a lot of the story felt shoe-horned in. They didn’t quite ring true as characters - I mean, sure there are posher people living in stately homes these days, but if you’re trying to update a story, it might do better to be completely different rather than on the cusp of the modern age.

However, I did like the few new twists added. Frank Churchill’s reason for not telling Emma the truth, and Mr Woodhouse not being left sad at the end. Good but not quite as fun as I’d expected. I think you’d be better off just reading the original again.

Rating: Unrated

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