The Man Who Won by Guy Bellamy

Published May 12, 2014

The Man Who Won by Guy Bellamy

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Quite a simple tale, this, the moral of the story being that just because you win the Lottery, doesn’t mean all your dreams will come true. The story revolves around three friends who are struggling for money, until one of them wins the Lottery, becomes a multi-millionaire, and generously shares the wealth.

Gradually, the relationships between friends, and wives, disintegrates, and it’s an interesting study of exactly how things can go wrong no matter how much money you have in the bank. It also strikes me as a tale that advocates keeping busy and working, as there’s a streak of sanity in the only members of the group who get themselves hobbies or remain working despite the windfall.

Most of the characters aren’t all that sympathetic, but the story flows well from one to the other with some good dialogue in between. A quick read, and interesting, but probably not hugely memorable.

Rating: Unrated

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