After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross

Published May 8, 2014

After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross

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I’m not sure when or why I picked this book up, I think it might have been in a Kindle sale, and as a young adult dystopian fiction novel, it caught my eye. Reading it was an interesting experience because the reason behind the descent into dystopia was scarily believable and the follow-up situations completely understandable.

Set in a French refugee camp, I quite enjoyed the juxtaposition of misplaced people in the calm countryside of France, although it always seemed obvious that the main protagonist would have to let go and learn the language at some point.

A good adventure, and probably a good book to help raise awareness in teens of some of the situations that could/do occur when economies crash. It was also a satisfying conclusion, but didn’t tie itself up into a hugely happy ending.

Rating: Unrated

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