The Lost Princess of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Published September 25, 2014

The Lost Princess of Oz by L. Frank Baum

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I had read a brief summary of this book before I started so wasn’t surprised when the lovely Ozma of Oz disappeared. The remaining residents are left to find her, track down who kidnapped her and locate her missing magic trinkets too. That’s right, the Magic Mirror (and Glinda’s Magic Book) that irk me sometimes with how easily they solve story problems, they’ve been taken as well.

I thought this was a great premise, and I loved how the disappearance of the ruler of Oz also tied in with the disappearance of a regular citizen’s missing kitchenware. The juxtaposition was lovely.

I enjoyed this one quite a lot, particularly with the saga surrounding the princess being proclaimed as in the hole in the ground but no sign of her. Interesting to have something that can tell the truth but can’t predict the future. Another fascinating concept from Baum.

Rating: Unrated

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