My Future Husband by Karen Clarke

Published September 30, 2014

My Future Husband by Karen Clarke

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Naturally, my obsession with time travel led me towards this book but I thought it was an interesting take on the sci-fi trope, putting it into a slightly different context and genre. This time, we’ve got more of a rom-com feel going on, with our protagonist visited from the future and told that history has taken a bit of a wrong turn - things need to be corrected.

It took me a while to adjust to the concept, and you do have to hurdle over it being unbelievable. Somehow, it seems harder to swallow time travel when it’s in the more mundane everyday, rom-com setting. But Clarke does a great job and sells it well, so that soon you forget about the setup and enjoy the story of the characters and how they wind their way through life as it is, hoping to get to how it should be.

Overall it was an enjoyable story, a good tale, with excellent time travel elements draped over what is a good drama to read in itself.

Rating: Unrated

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