The Far Time Incident by Neve Maslakovic

Published September 12, 2014

The Far Time Incident by Neve Maslakovic

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Any book that has time travel in is going to appeal to me, and I was quick to pick this one up as soon as I saw it. The story itself started off pretty slowly, it was quite hefty going getting through the setup of the university itself, the time travel programme, and what happened when a professor at the university got lost back in time. There was a lot of emphasis on cookies, and cheese, and it felt like it took too long to get going.

But once it did, I loved it. A gaggle of misfits head back to try and find the errant professor, and stumble around in time, trying not to affect anything, making sure they can find their own way back, and uncovering just what happened to their colleague.

I can’t say too much for fear of spoiling it but if you’re a time travel fan, it’s worth sticking through the setup for the great stuff that follows.

Rating: Unrated

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