Narrow Minds by Marie Browne

Published September 16, 2014

Narrow Minds by Marie Browne

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Ahh, the returning adventures of Marie and her madcap family. I loved the first book written by Marie, once you get to know the family it really felt like you were on the adventure with them. Back then, it was about selling up, buying a narrow boat to live on, taking it on the long journey to the mooring and dealing with everything that happened along the way. Amazingly, this book is exactly the same and yet still enormously entertaining.

What is incredible about the writing is there are some really mundane details in there - shopping, drinking an awful lot of tea, taking a dog for a walk - and yet, it’s endlessly fascinating. It’s a world I can just about imagine but would never want to do myself. It all sounds very cold and damp, and uncomfortable. But reading about it, particularly from someone with such passion for the boating life, is marvellous.

Another great book and I think there’s a third, so I’ll be indulging in that one too.

Rating: Unrated

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