The Dinner by Herman Koch

Published July 4, 2014

The Dinner by Herman Koch

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I did wonder how a book was going to sustain an entire story over the course of one meal in a restaurant, and of course it didn’t. The dinner was just the place setting for the rest of the story to hang on, dipping back and forth in time to complete the narrative.

I wasn’t a fan of the style, really, and it felt a bit disjointed. The start of the book is really slow, far too much detail about the restaurant and the food, when that has nothing to do with anything. Then when things kick into gear, there’s a huge amount of information delivered, raising more questions than it answers.

Overall, I wasn’t convinced and didn’t hugely enjoy this one. It was a relatively quick read, not too much of an undertaking, but it didn’t feel all that satisfying at the end either.

Rating: Unrated

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