Tears of the Anaren by C. W. Longbottom

Published June 5, 2021

Tears of the Anaren by C. W. Longbottom

Book info

  • Title Tears of the Anaren
  • Author C. W. Longbottom
  • Year 2021
  • Genre Science Fiction

What connects tantalizing yet tender alien romance with the biggest multiplayer video game of all time? Seasoned storyteller C.W. Longbottom, the Nebula Award-winning science-fiction and fantasy author and head writer of Mythic Quest. C.W. found literary fame with Inside the Caves of Beneroth and Tears of the Anaren, but even his most loyal fans don’t know that Tears of the Anaren began as a short story he wrote in the early 1970s while interning at Amazing Tales magazine. This never-before-published draft is now yours to discover, complete with C.W.’s (extremely) colorful commentary and an Introduction and Afterword by Ian Grimm, the iconoclastic creator of Mythic Quest. As sparks fly between heroic scoundrel Zeb and space seductress Merrith, we get a glimpse into the mind of a talented young man yearning for greatness. Like early Mozart, it is raw and green — but also magic.


This is a fun tie-in to Mythic Quest - their second season standalone episode tells how Longbottom made his mark on the science fiction world and this is the book that did it. I listened to the audiobook, about 40 minutes long, in which Longbottom reads his story with added asides, and there are introductions and interruptions by Mythic Quest founder Ian.

It’s not a good story, at heart, clearly, but what I really liked was the quickly dampening enthusiasm of Ian - starting out so keen to hear the draft, then gradually realising it’s not quite what he thought it was. Good stuff.

Rating: 4 / 5

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