Snake Skin by C. J. Lyons

Published September 3, 2013

Snake Skin by C. J. Lyons

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I approached this crime thriller with an awful lot of trepidation, only because of the title and the concept of snakes being involved in the plot. I picked it up in amongst a Story Bundle, so I didn’t know what to expect as I ploughed on through.

In all respects, it’s a very serviceable thriller - good pacing, a bit of a twist, and plenty of red herrings and twists and turns to keep you guessing. I felt it went a bit over the top at the end, but sometimes the best action has to do that!

My only real complaint was characterisation. Lucy was a well-written, damaged but multi-layered character - I just didn’t like her. I didn’t connect the way I’d like to with the protagonist, and I didn’t like her horror of all things technological! The other characters felt like they could have been stronger, there were some good hints at what they were like but it felt like we didn’t get to know them quite as well as we could have done. But perhaps that was just in-keeping with the fact this is a team that has only been together a few months.

Anyway, overall a good read, recommended, even with the snakes!

Rating: Unrated

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