A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett

Published September 4, 2013

A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett

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This was another book that I picked up in a bundle, otherwise I’m not sure I would have stumbled across it. A murder mystery with an estate agent as the protagonist, finding herself oddly drawn into a world filled with intrigue - both into the murder, and into the past life of the guy that she finds the body with.

I quite enjoyed the mystery unravelling, and it all felt quite natural. That’s an achievement because often when you get main characters investigating despite being outside of the police departments, it can get a bit contrived. Not a problem in this case, the only downside was some of the dialogue was a bit corny, and I rolled my eyes in places.

I did manage to guess the murderer from quite early on, but it was still an enjoyable read watching the main characters work their way through the clues towards both the answer and the proof to make it stick. Not a bad read at all, I might move on to the sequel at some point.

Rating: Unrated

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