Shame by Alan Russell

Published December 16, 2015

Shame by Alan Russell

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On the surface, this is a crime thriller about a serial killer who is copying a previous monster’s work twenty years down the line. It goes far deeper than that, though, and ends up being a really intriguing work about what it is to grow up and survive in the wake of previous atrocities.

From the point of view of both victim and family, the book delves deeper into the psychology of being left behind when all the fighting and the judgement is over. How do you get over a) being a survivor of a serial killer and b) being the son of the same? The answer is, you don’t, but the book takes our characters as far along that path to redemption as I think it’s possible to get.

A great read, fascinating once all the characters are in place, and a good mix of both crime sprees with the outside characters woven in.

Rating: Unrated

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