Falling to Earth by Al Worden

Published December 17, 2015

Falling to Earth by Al Worden

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My growing obsession with all things space and moon-like meant this book was an easy purchase. The story of Al Worden, one of the three astronauts that made up the Apollo 15 crew, it’s not an easy read. There’s controversy and bittersweet moments throughout, but that’s the life you lead when you’re doing something amazing like broadening humanity’s horizons.

Worden was the guy left on the ship whilst his colleagues descended to the moon’s surface, and it’s fascinating to read about being the one left alone to orbit the moon by himself. He also completed the first deep-space EVA, and by all accounts, was very good at it!

There was some controversy post-flight about selling things that were taken into space for that exact purpose, but eventually, as Al admits, that’s become a footnote to what was a great mission. I really enjoyed reading this bio, from the early days as a lonely farm worker, to the heights of an Apollo mission and beyond, there are some great descriptions that really bring you along for every ride.

Rating: Unrated

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