Moonraker by Ian Fleming

Published August 6, 2017

Moonraker by Ian Fleming

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I listened to the audiobook of this, and really enjoyed it, although it’s definitely a book of two halves. The first half, with Bond being bored at his desk talking through the minutiae of the reports he has to read, and then heading into a card game to try and catch a cheater… well, that bit wasn’t exactly riveting. I’m rubbish at following card games anyway, let alone ones that I don’t really know the rules for. Still, it’s written and read very well so that you can at least feel the tension even if you don’t quite know what it’s for.

The second half was a lot more interesting, particularly as Bond infiltrates the situation quite openly. He’s hired to be there and find out what’s wrong, it’s just that what is wrong goes deeper than even he thought. I was glad the book differed from the film, as that space sequence wasn’t exactly the highlight of Bond’s on-screen existence. The book was a lot tamer, but the stakes were just as high. And it all played well against the very slow and almost tender building of a potential relationship with Gala Brand, who’s a fab and clever accomplice to have.

Rating: Unrated

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