Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox

Published January 9, 2016

Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox

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We were watching the recent Back to the Future documentary when it suddenly occurred to me that I’m a huge fan of the films and of Michael J, but I haven’t yet read his books. It was easy to put that right, and very hard to put this one down.

Fox has such an easy way of writing, making you comfortable with his style and grace, despite some of the difficult subjects at hand - dealing with fame, that awful diagnosis, and how illness can change you for the better.

I was hooked from the beginning, revelling in this calm and rational way of looking at and dealing with the world. It can be a difficult place, but Fox has such a humour and humility about it all, that it was inspiring to read. I liked how it dipped back and forth a bit, but was generally chronological, from his childhood through to his recent advocacy work with his Parkinson’s Disease foundation. Inspiring and insightful, I highly recommend this whether you’re a fan or not.

Rating: Unrated

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