Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

Published April 16, 2021

Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

Book info

  • Title Goldfinger
  • Author Ian Fleming
  • Year 1959
  • Genres Adventure, Mystery, Espionage

Auric Goldfinger is the richest man in England—though his wealth can’t be found in banks. He’s been hoarding vast stockpiles of his namesake metal, and it’s attracted the suspicion of 007’s superiors at MI6. Sent to investigate, Bond uncovers an ingenious gold-smuggling scheme, as well as Goldfinger’s most daring caper yet: Operation Grand Slam, a gold heist so audacious it could bring down the world economy and put the fate of the West in the hands of SMERSH. To stop Goldfinger, Bond will have to survive a showdown with the sinister millionaire’s henchman, Oddjob, a tenacious karate master who can kill with one well-aimed toss of his razor-rimmed bowler hat.


The last couple of Bond adventures haven’t totally grabbed me but I liked this one quite a lot more than I was expecting. The opening chapters were so familiar from the film - Bond foiling Goldfinger’s cheating card scam - it was amazing. I wasn’t as keen on the following pieces where a game of golf is described in excruciating detail… but then we get to the Fort Knox plot and it all picks back up again.

There were elements of that thing where Goldfinger really should have just killed Bond and got on with it instead of keeping him alive to foil everything but on the flip side, it was really interesting to see Bond being fearful, vulnerable. The stuff where he thought he was dead and worried about whether all the girls he had seduced would be waiting for him or not was great. A good story, not perfect as it’s got those problematic areas, but a solid entry in the Bond canon.

Rating: 4 / 5

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