Free to Trade by Michael Ridpath

Published February 2, 2017

Free to Trade by Michael Ridpath

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A really fascinating book this one. It’s appeal is probably limited to those that understand finance and/or shares and trading, particularly as it opens with some quite in depth details about a day in the life of the protagonist - a portfolio manager.

But if you get on with the financial jargon, then there’s also a really good crime/murder/mystery story underneath it all. People are doing bad things, our hero is getting the blame for it all, and needs to work hard to clear his name.

I enjoyed the book, but my only complaint would be that no one took any action against Rob. Considering how we frowned upon the domestic abuse scene, it seemed like no one was bothered about this creepy, stalking, threatening, and clearly quite disturbed man. I’m not sure he deserved the happy ending that he got. But otherwise, it was an interesting story, with a lot of moving parts to keep track of, and an intricate but well conceived plot.

Rating: Unrated

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