A Matter of Honour by Jeffrey Archer

Published February 6, 2017

A Matter of Honour by Jeffrey Archer

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An espionage thriller that encompasses Russia, America, Germany, France and the UK, this is the story of an unwitting man getting himself involved in what could escalate to become a situation of global significance. It actually wasn’t one of my favourite action and adventure stories, because it all felt a bit out of reach.

Our protagonist developed incredible spy skills over the course of a few days. Granted, he started with the bonus of having been in the army, but that doesn’t suddenly make you able to escape the best the Russians have to offer, does it?

I felt like I was always two steps behind the story, whilst the hero was rushing forward and staying alive and winning the day. I did like the female characters being brave and resourceful and actually having a sizeable impact on how the story turned out, though.

Rating: Unrated

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