Five Go to Billycock Hill by Enid Blyton

Published June 17, 2023

Five Go to Billycock Hill by Enid Blyton

Book info

  • Title Five Go to Billycock Hill
  • Author Enid Blyton
  • Year 1957
  • Genre Childrens

In book sixteen, it's holiday time at Billycock Hill and the Famous Five make new friend - a real pilot! But when he disappears with top secret equipment, the Five begin to wonder if their new friend could be a spy, or worse, a traitor. Whatever his motives, the gang feel duty-bound to investigate...


On the home stretch of reading through this series of kids books and this time there’s a different theme to the book. Of course the five are having an adventure during the school holidays but at least this time they aren’t in any trouble, they are investigating to try and clear some names. I quite liked this one, it was an interesting mystery and the stakes were quite high, but it all ended neatly.

Rating: 4 / 5

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