Extreme Fishing by Robson Green

Published August 14, 2014

Extreme Fishing by Robson Green

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I’ve not seen the TV series that this book is extracted from, but I was a fan of Robson Green in the old days and was keen to read what he had to say about the process of making a show about fishing. I can’t say that the sport particularly interests me, hence not watching any episodes, but it’s always worth dipping into a book and seeing what it’s all about.

I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s a diary of sorts, across four series of the Extreme Fishing show and following Robson on his adventures across the globe, catching the largest and smallest that the sea, rivers and lakes have to offer. Thankfully, the fishing jargon is kept to a minimum, and most of the technical things are explained for the uninitiated.

The writing style is good and very inclusive, although does tend towards the cheeky chappy - on the one hand that makes it a friendly and approachable read, no doubt like Robson himself, but on the other, it can occasionally be a bit much. Overall though, very interesting and maybe I will check out an episode after all.

Rating: Unrated

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