Dune by Frank Herbert

Published March 13, 2022

Dune by Frank Herbert

Book info

  • Title Dune
  • Author Frank Herbert
  • Year 1965
  • Genre Science Fiction

The Duke of Atreides has been manoeuvred by his arch-enemy, Baron Harkonnen, into administering the desert planet of Dune. Although it is almost completely without water, Dune is a planet of fabulous wealth, for it is the only source of a drug prized throughout the Galactic Empire. The Duke and his son, Paul, are expecting treachery, and it duly comes - but from a shockingly unexpected place. Then Paul succeeds his father, and he becomes a catalyst for the native people of Dune, whose knowledge of the ecology of the planet gives them vast power. They have been waiting for a leader like Paul Atreides, a leader who can harness that force ...


I’ve attempted this before but didn’t get past the first couple of pages, this time I was determined to make a better effort - there’s the big film on the horizon and I wanted the inside track. Plus it’s such a cultural phenomenon that it had to be on the list. I got through it this time, which is a bonus, and elements of it were interesting…. but ultimately I did find it pretty dry (pun intended, considering the lack of water on this planet). The characters are all so stiff and hard to invest in, and even the ‘hero’ Paul isn’t particularly sympathetic.

Rating: 3 / 5

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