Dune by Frank Herbert

Published August 15, 2012

Dune by Frank Herbert

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I have tried to start reading this several times and each time not gotten any further than the first few pages. I made a final attempt and got through several chapters, but I still wasn’t inspired to keep going. I’m quite sad that the book hasn’t captured my imagination, as I know it is a massive science fiction classic.

I think my main issue, and the reason I don’t find it engaging, is there’s no real introduction or way in for the mere mortal. A silly fool like me needs a bit of a hook to grab on to as you go sliding into a world like this, for example a character new to the situation themselves.

There was none of that here, and whilst I tried to go with it and hope the worlds became clear in my mind as I kept on reading, it just didn’t happen. Perhaps I will try again in the future, maybe if I have read more science fiction and have more of a base to help the imagination flow. Until then, I’m crossing this one off the list as a disappointment.

Rating: Unrated

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