Dracula by Bram Stoker

Published August 14, 2013

Dracula by Bram Stoker

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I have tried to read this many times but never really got past the first few chapters. This time I made a concerted effort and got to the end, and I found it was really good! It’s so nice to see one of the early vampire works, especially now that they are so prevalent in popular culture at the moment. It’s fascinating to see most of the book taken up with the characters dealing with the situation, without really knowing or believing what it is.

These days, fiction has us quickly google the problem and believe the outcome very quickly so we can get on with the drama. In Dracula, the drama IS the problem at its very core.

I liked the way the book was constructed of different diaries and newspaper clippings, notes and audio transcriptions. I did think the pacing went a bit wonky at the end, as there was the excitement of confronting the Count in one of his houses, and then a very long period of travelling around trying to find him again. But overall, really enjoyed it and glad I stuck with it this time.

Rating: Unrated

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