The stripped back movie poster

Published September 3, 2023

A movie poster designed by Michal Krasnopolski resembling Back to the Future - it features two yellow and red lines representing the flaming tyre tracks from the film

I’ve been fascinated by these minimalist movie posters I saw on Kottke. They’re by graphic designer Michal Krasnopolski and are a challenge to present a movie poster with the limits of using only lines in and around a circle… and different colours. Something about this really makes me happy - the challenge of it, the idea of summing up everything about a movie to make it easily identifiable with such a limited set of tools, just brilliant. Really showing off what graphic design does best.

A few of these really stand out:

  • Superman for simplicity - that blue colour with the swoosh of flight
  • 101 Dalmations is so clever, almost one of those optical illusions depending on how you look at it
  • Singin’ in the Rain, I wasn’t so sold on the movie when I watched it recently, but this poster I like
  • Obviously Back to the Future is a favourite, those tyre tracks are so iconic

What’s really the best thing about this is just remembering how much of an influence classic movies can have - people will still want to interact and create around them forever.

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