Putting a good spin on it

Published August 27, 2023

A marketing still from Spin City featuring Michael J Fox front and centre with several supporting characters behind him, the whole thing bordered in white with Spin City in white text

In this day and age of digital streaming and global access to content, it’s almost confusing when you can’t find something available. I have a short list of items that I want to watch, both film and TV, that aren’t available to me at the moment, and every now and then, I ask Siri to have a quick scout around and tell me if they’re available.

Amazingly, Spin City, which has been coming up with no results for such a long, finally popped up with all six series available to watch on Channel 4, or All 4, or 4OD, or whatever it is called these days. HOORAY!

I’ve never seen the show before but have seen clips and, of course, adore Michael J. Fox to the ends of the earth. I can only assume this appearing is down to the success of Fox’s documentary on Apple, with a little bit of ’no other content available due to the strikes’ thrown in for good measure. I’ll take it. I’ve only watched one episode so far but no doubt I’ll report back in due course once I’ve devoured a few more.

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