Every colour is green

Published July 6, 2023

A ball of Wendy’s recycled yarn in cream, the label saying ‘Knit’s Recycled! Made from recycled bottles! Super Chunky’ and behind it a set of four double pointed needles with the ends sticking out each side of the yarn

I’m still learning a lot about yarn, the different types and weights, materials and measures, the fact that they appear to be sold in grams rather than length, and that kind of thing. But I do like perusing the huge variety of colours and yarns available, and was happy to find the above in store. Yarn made from recycled bottles is genius, isn’t it? What a great use of bottles that would otherwise just be thrown away. The texture is a little bit different to other yarns but I think you would get used to it quite quickly, and they’re not all going to be like this specific one, either.

And behind the yarn in the photo above, you can see my new double pointed needles as yes, it’s that time: I’m going to try attempting some socks.

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