Shrinking unwrapped

Published April 6, 2023

A still from the Apple TV show Shrinking showing Harrison Ford as Paul and Lukita Maxwell as Alice sitting side by side on a bench

A week or so ago, the final episode of the first season of Shrinking was released and it wrapped up what has been an incredible series of television. This show, inevitably linked to Ted Lasso thanks to creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, focused on the life of a therapist who was in the grieving process as his wife had just died… and of course the friends and family that surrounds him.

Did I mention, it has Harrison Ford in it? The cast were amazing. Jason Segel is the lead, but really it’s those around him that stole the show. Harrison Ford basically went through the whole thing grunting and glaring and was the best part of every episode. Christa Miller plays the friend and neighbour and was so wonderful at being completely herself, which was often self-centred and a bit bitchy, but mostly lovable. And Jessica Williams as a fellow therapist was indescribably good.

Elements of the show make you think it couldn’t possibly be a comedy - the dead wife, a Parkinson’s diagnosis, several patients coming to therapy with serious issues, divorce, retirement, unaccepting parents… the list goes on. But, as is the human condition, it’s in the difficult things that we find the most comedy and this show brings it on every level.

It was one of those series where the pause button was in frequent use, to laugh, to goggle at what was just said, to hear it again because it was so brilliant. I want to talk more about this show but I don’t want to spoil it in this high level review. All I can really say is go and watch it now if you haven’t already, go and watch it again if you already have, and then let’s count down to season two together.

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