Dear diary

Published April 6, 2023

A cartoon illustration of a diary, open with writing and a photo of a teenage boy

I love this project Diaries of Note which is reproducing one diary entry from the past for each day of 2023, featuring well known writers such as Beatrix Potter and F. Scott Fitzgerald, people you may not know as writers such as Louis Theroux and Andy Warhol, and then, of course, lots of people you’ve not heard of at all.

Reading diaries is such a good way of discovering about life, either modern lives that are different from yours, or historical lives that show you what it was like to be in that specific period of time. As the About page says:

Diaries of Note is a daily celebration of the diary—one of the most intimate, therapeutic, and revealing forms of writing imaginable—and a regular opportunity to see how people have attempted to memorialise and make sense of their lives throughout the ages.

Each diary entry has a paragraph to introduce it, setting the scene and giving any necessary info to really bring the entry to life and put it in context. I’ve not read every entry yet but have been browsing my way through and can absolutely see a future for this content as a brilliant coffee table book.

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