Little by little

Published February 10, 2023

Still image from the TV show Little America featuring Shiori Ideta heading up a women’s baseball team

I love, love, loved the first series of Little America - an anthology show on Apple TV that focuses in on true stories of immigrants finding their way in the US, although ultimately it’s simply stories about being human. Sometimes that’s a drama in a family, sometimes it is someone doing something brave and heroic, sometimes it’s an unexpected person absolutely smashing it out of the park and inspiring us all to do better. That’s what’s great about this show, the mixture of people and the uplifting feel of each story, even if they are somewhat heartbreaking underneath.

The second series was released in December and I’ve just absolutely raced through it and relished each episode - there wasn’t a bad one in the pack. I said the same thing about the last series, and then went on to make a quick note about each story, so let me repeat that exercise now.

  • Mr Song - An unexpected friendship between a young boy, his hat-making mother, and a local celebrity radio host ends with that age old question about parents’ expectations and finding your own passion.
  • The Bra Whisperer - This woman is absolutely incredible, starting out as a nanny and learning how to read women (both their chest size and their emotional needs) to help them feel better and wear the perfect clothes.
  • The 9th Caller - I do not understand this competition but I loved the way it was told, a group including a slightly lost young woman kiss a car for 50 hours(!!) to try and win it. The moments where they try to wake each other up are so lovely.
  • Camel on a Stick - Again, this isn’t something I understand, I don’t really want to eat camel if I can help it, but I do love the energy in here, to achieve, to thrive, to keep moving onwards… even if by the end there’s a bit of peace over a dominoes game.
  • Space Door - The door in the medicine cabinet is clearly not the true part of the story but it makes so much sense for people to struggle after being apart for so long, and also to find it difficult adapting to each other after living in such clashing cultures.
  • Columbus Starlings LLC - If I had to pick a favourite, it was this one, about a women with a dream to build a baseball team despite having a family and a full time job and very few interested players.
  • Paper Piano - Highlighting how brutal it can be living in refuge from a regime that is constantly changing, in a world that is supposed to be safe but is also often changing the rules you abide by. And also how brilliant piano is, obviously.
  • The Indoor Arm - A really interesting story this one, with no obvious hard-hitting point, but a lot of underlying thoughts about where you should draw the line with gratitude and whether it’s better to be honest or to keep the peace.

Such a wonderful show, after every episode, there was only time to exhale and ponder what a great story it had been before diving immediately into the next one. Inevitably I ran out of episodes, so bring on season three please!

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