The last resort

Published December 23, 2022

A marketing still for the second season of Acapulco

This time last year, I wrote a quick review of the first series of Acapulco which was good and bright and fun, and exactly what we needed in the dark winter months. The second series has just finished being released on Apple TV+ and I had to come back to say this new collection of ten episodes is even better than the first.

With the characters now firmly embedded in our minds, we can really dive deep into their twisting and turning relationships, the highs and lows of careers, and the drama that comes with extended family life. The bright pinks and yellows are still there but there are some more serious topics on offer this time - finding yourself, reconnecting with long lost loved ones, trying to kick start your career, and, gasp, even some espionage. But it’s all handled with style, it’s a lot of fun, laugh out loud funny in places but mostly just joyous.

There are layers upon layers, elements weaving in and out, and it has that fab extra piece to the puzzle of having modern day characters retelling the stories from their youth. We saw more of them this time round, as the modern day encroached more upon the 80s, and the mysteries started increasing there as well.

Acapulco and Mythic Quest both started around the same time on Apple TV, and it was always a difficult choice which episode of which series to watch first. Initially, it was Mythic Quest first because it was such a favourite it beat everything else but by the end of the series, we were watching it first to get it out the way, so as to fully enjoy the multi-lingual comedy drama in all its glory. There can’t be a greater compliment than that!

There’s no news yet on whether there will be another series but I truly hope there will be. They’ve wrapped things up enough to finish, but left just enough open as a cliffhanger to lead us straight into a third visit to the Mexican resort. We need more, if only for the Spanish language versions of popular songs each week. Fantastic!

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