Strictly Come Dancing 2022, The Final thoughts

Published December 18, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

I’m going to be honest, going into this final I really wasn’t very excited. Two of the four finalists weren’t my favourites. I feel like they’ve all been so good at the dances that we’re not going to learn much by seeing the same dances over again. And we all knew right from the start that Hamza was going to win. The guy was trending first thing in the morning, it was never going to go another way.

But, of course I was going to watch it, and it was good and fun and the result was exactly as predicted. It wasn’t two full hours of crying like it has been for the last couple of years, but it was a nice way to end the season.

With this grumpiness in mind, I didn’t make a huge amount of notes along the way, but let’s see how the final unfolded.

Judge’s Picks

Hamza and Jowita were tasked with bringing their breakthrough lifts to the floor again with their amazing salsa. It was weird to be anticipating this time but they were just as good. A great way to open the show.

I liked Shirley giving the dancers tips when she visited them in the training room. Molly got some as she prepared to do her quickstep. The umbrella thing worked this time, but it felt a bit jittery to me.

Fleur & Vito’s samba was exactly the same as first time round and boy, that dress didn’t get better on a second viewing. “I need to be more like Shirley,” Fleur said. Don’t we all, darling.

Rounding out the first set of dances, Helen & Gorka did the jive and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in holding my breath until the mistake DIDN’T happen. Phew! This is going on the jive list, for sure.


Don’t we usually do the showdances last? Never mind, they’re the best bit of the final.

It definitely went wrong at the beginning but the rest of it was smooth as silk. Big lift at the end, very impressive. Shame he doesn’t get another go at this one.

Molly’s dance felt a bit like she was copying Fleur’s couple’s choice, felt very start-stop in places but it was a side of them we haven’t seen before, which is what they wanted.

Jason Gilkerson summed up the problem with Fleur’s dancing: “just have to bring the performer and the technician together.” It feels like we usually get one or the other. But this was Vito’s dance anyway, that Michael Flatley style kick!

Helen made me cry, which I knew she would. Bit of every dance tucked up in this one, loved it.

Couple’s Pick

Three of these are couple’s choice dances which says a lot about their place in the show. Hamza’s dance left everyone emotional - how does Claudia keep it together up there?

I’m amazed/impressed that Molly opted for the rumba in the final, talk about killing the mood! Craig had to do a shoutout to the singers and band as no one else had at this point.

Fleur’s dance was spot on like it was before, Shirley tried to give it a 12!

Helen’s final outing was even better than the first time and definitely had the best reaction of the night. Lovely Gemma in the audience crying, oof.

I so wanted Helen to win, even though I’ll admit how lovely and warm Hamza is. It was a bit disappointing but completely expected so not a shock at all. Great job by everyone involved, the group dance that brought everyone back was just a brilliant, if slightly awkward, reminder of the highlights of the series and what a ride it has been.

Now it really feels like Christmas!

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