Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 12 thoughts

Published December 13, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Semi-finals and two dances each, this week is a real challenge. Although technically the dances had a bit more time due to the earlier than usual scheduling last weekend and the later than usual scheduling this weekend. Thank goodness it’s the final next week so we can stop getting sompletely confused about what day it is.

On with the dances!

Fleur & Vito - Paso Doble

Shirley: “Fleur, Paso Doble, and Vito. That has got to be a winning combination.” It’s good but it felt like a long 90 seconds. We had a chat about Moloko instead. Too much power to my eyes, but Anton said it was her best dance so far.

Helen & Gorka - Waltz

The judges want confidence and personality. It was an okay waltz but it looked tentative and I think there were a handful of mistakes scattered through there. What was right was good, though. Judges said it was a bit rigid but beautiful to watch. Reasonable scores.

Hamza & Jowita - Charleston

Judges say he’s naturally talented and just needs to keep working. He’s so humble the way he takes the comments on board! Great swivel, and so much better energy than his jive. Lots of character and throwing Jowita around as per usual. 39 points!

Molly & Carlos - American Smooth

Craig on Molly: “Effortless and cuteness.” Not a bad dance, really, more entertaining than I was expecting but also a bit safer than most American Smooths - no huge lifts or anything. Quality dancing though and great comments from the judges.

Will & Nancy - Paso Doble

“I think we’re going to see one of the best Paso’s on Strictly.” Motsi putting on the pressure. And boy was she wrong, the judges hated it! I loved it, and was so impressed with how long he danced on his own for. For a minute, I wasn’t sure Nancy was coming back. Really had the proper vibes of him wrestling with a bull but the shaping was off and the semi-final judges aren’t going easy.

Fleur & Vito - Charleston

I was so distracted by the concept of Vito eating spaghetti live on TV that I could barely concentrate on the dance. I didn’t really enjoy it as a Charleston concept but can’t deny it had huge energy and good swivel. It felt a bit messy to me and the outfit with shoes was weird but the judges loved it. 39 score!

Helen & Gorka - Argentine Tango

Loved this one. Tiny balance wobbles but so, so good. Great song, great dance, great emotion. I didn’t even notice the broken dress so she coped with that really well. “This sort of dark dance is right up your street,” says Anton, which I think is a compliment? Not top notch scores but should be a vote winner.

Hamza & Jowita - Waltz

I feel like the encouragement videos were less of a boost and more of an emotional drain on lovely Hamza. Great dance, light and fluffy across the floor. Shirley snapping “Let’s learn, we can’t just give out tens if it’s not right.” I want more of that. Don’t let the crowd sway you!

Molly & Carlos - Paso Doble

Technically great and could see the oval that Shirley noted was missing from Will’s dance. The first half was great, I feel like it lost its way a bit in the middle, and not as entertaining as Will’s. Technically good though and Shirley couldn’t sit down she was so enthused!

Will & Nancy - Couple’s Choice

Nice history of Will in the VT. “Celebrate where I came from, and celebrate the 90s.” Fun, people will love it or hate it, for sure. I loved it. Great job from Will to brush off the negativity from before. Dave did a great job! Craig saying it could have been dad dancing but thankfully wasn’t!

It’s amazing that Gorka is the longest standing pro in the semi final mix, everyone else is either brand new or only been around a couple of years. Very exciting to have all this fresh energy on the floor.

Given how the votes have fallen this year, it was an easy prediction to say Molly and Fleur would be in the bottom two - harder to say who would go out if that happened. In the end, it didn’t, it was Fleur and Will and wonderful Will fell at the final hurdle.

It’s such a shame, I had him for the final right from the start and I’m going to be honest that in the certain knowledge Hamza will win and only also liking Helen in the final makes it a less enticing event but hey, let’s see what happens. The showdances can always change things around! See you next week!

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