Stringing things along

Published November 18, 2022

I had planned to do a quick update halfway through my 30 days of guitar challenge, I’m a couple of days late but let’s do it anyway. It’s really just to note down a few of the things I’ve found over the first half of the month:

  • I was really worried about the tips of my fingers being painful and potentially prohibitive to playing every single day, but the good news is I’m trying to be quite strict on the time I play each day which helps make it more manageable. They do hurt though, don’t get me wrong. Tingly fingertips.
  • I’ve been working through the Yousician lesson plan which is really brilliant. It’s an expensive subscription (Although they have an amazing Black Friday deal on at the mo that I’m gutted to have missed out on but is worth a look if you’re tempted!). The course is so well laid out - chords and fingerpicking, plenty of songs to play within the course or as and when you want to, and… drum roll please… certificates!!

A certificate from the Yousician app confirming Christine Blachford has reached level 2 guitar

  • The level I’m currently at means I can do some of the real basics, the most fun of which is some of the common chords. They call them Cowboy Chords, but I really think Campfire Chords would be a better name. Still, it does mean I can play some basic songs.
  • I’ve just started looking at some of the guitar chords and tabs info that’s available on the internet. Think of a song and there’s going to be some chords online somewhere. Translating what I’ve learnt into playing an actual song is hard but the next steps, for sure.
  • It’s really, really FUN!

More at the end of the month!

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