Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Week 7 thoughts

Published November 7, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

Strictly went back to normal this week, no theme, just songs and dances. I was ill, though, so didn’t watch it live. Instead I caught up later, and in a particularly grumpy mood, so who knows if I enjoyed the dances as much as I normally would have with a glass of wine.

Claudia seemed to have rocked up in her pyjamas, but they were very snazzy so I was all for it.

Hamza & Jowita - Cha Cha Cha

People have been really railing on the timing of the cha cha cha this year, I don’t remember it being such a problem before but maybe because they’re all so good they have to have something to talk about? This was a good start to the show, great song, smiley Hamza, a colourful bonanza. You could see him counting but whatever gets you through.

Ellie & Johannes - Rumba

This is an ABSOLUTE TUNE. Really good dance, not at all cringe, great lines and extensions, and surprisingly good intensity. There were a couple of slight wobbles but otherwise good. The judges disagree, mixed reviews, I’m quite surprised. A 3 from Craig is simply outrageous.

Molly & Carlos - Foxtrot

Bonus HRVY in the VT. Looked alright, well performed, a little bit boring for my tastes, quite saccharine, particularly with the song as well. Good comments and scores from the judges though.

Ellie & Nikita - Charleston

Ah yea. This was fun and had some great lifts in there, but the steps didn’t seem to be all there, no swivel, etc. Also got on the wrong leg at one point and the timing went out of sync, not great. Better comments than it really warranted.

Tyler & Dianne - Viennese Waltz

Struggling with his big feet. Bit clunky in places, feel like Tyler struggles with the technical dances more than the others. It felt quite stop/start not smooth like it should be. But he’s so good, he can style it out.

Kym & Graziano - Argentine Tango

I was looking forward to this one, first time Graz has done this dance and he’s got through to his furthest week so far. This was GREAT. There’s something to be said for the traditional music underneath, really getting into the feel of it. Dramatic, incredible lines, held the intensity way past the end!

Will & Nancy - Quickstep

The VT didn’t fill me with confidence, seemed to be struggling with timing, frame, remembering the steps. But then, of course, it was fab after that. Fun and full of character and light on his feet. All the many, many steps in the right order. Good comments from the judges. Love him describing himself as an excitable puppy.

Helen & Gorka - Jive

She knocked her hat off first thing and recovered well, then made a bit of a mistake later on, but picked it back up incredibly well. As I’ve said many times, I love a good jive, and this was up there with the best of them. Helen was really getting into the character. Such a shame Craig would have given it a 10 if not for the mistake!

Fleur & Vito - Waltz

I’m not a fan of the way the song was sung, but it was a nice waltz, floaty dress, lovely sentiment. The waltz isn’t my favourite but I do like people bouncing back from dance offs in style. Shirley seems to have an endless supply of little shoes to demonstrate things… why suddenly now?

Tony & Katya - Salsa

I love that they got Tyler in to show Tony DJ skills, adorable. This was both better and worse than I thought it would be. Great effort and recognisably salsa in places, but unfortunately went wrong in many places too. It’s quite unusual for the pro to be so openly disappointed, isn’t it? It’s IMPOSSIBLE that Craig gave this a 4 when he gave Ellie a 3.

Hamza tops the leaderboard again, then, with Kym and Helen close behind. Middle of the pack is Molly, Fleur and Ellie S, with Tony and Ellie T at the bottom (outrageous). The middle is really the most dangerous place to be. I didn’t make any predictions this week but I probably would have been worried about Tony and then someone in the middle.

But people vote with their heart, and it was Molly and Ellie S in the bottom two this time, with Ellie sadly bidding a fond farewell. She’s done so brilliantly and I’ve loved the partnership with Nikita, but it probably was about the right time for her to head home. Roll on next week, and where everyone starts talking about Blackpool!

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