Guitar hero

Published November 1, 2022

Close up photograph of the strings of a guitar with a red hue

November has arrived and with it comes the dark nights, cold weather and general feeling that hibernation would be the right choice for any sensible person. Unfortunately, that’s not really an option, so instead, it’s time to come up with another 30 day challenge to get me through the month. This time? Guitar! Hooray!

This has been on the list since I first started thinking about doing many thirty day challenges, but there was a small problem - up until recently, I didn’t have access to a guitar. But now I do! It’s not super fancy or anything, but a basic acoustic guitar and a Yousician subscription should get me through the next thirty days.

Already I’ve been surprised at the number of accessories that can go with a guitar - picks, strap, capo, stand, case - you think you’re buying just one thing but the shopping list gets longer almost straight away. But first, I need to know if I can even play the thing.

I have a small amount of guitar experience - one of my friends when I was younger had lessons and used to share with me her learnings and tab sheets. But like most things, I’ve never stuck with it and so any knowledge I had has long since faded away. We’re back to basics with super soft fingers that are already dreading the idea of a couple of days on the strings, let alone thirty. But check back in soon and we’ll see how they, and I, am getting on!

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