Walk on through the rain

Published September 30, 2022

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My 30 days of walking has come to an end, and this was a challenge that I really enjoyed. It was nice to have the oomph to get outside every day and nice to know that it didn’t have to be a long walk… although sometimes it was. September was a pretty reasonably month for weather, so I was quite lucky. Only a couple of my outings were in full on rain, although the final walk of all 30 was in horrible wind and drizzly conditions. Not a great way to finish but could have been much worse!

I’m not sure immediately how much walking will continue over the next month or so - the desire is there but the weather may not be, and without the obligation to go out every day, I’ll return to being a fair weather walker. But it’s really nice to have the evidence that it really doesn’t take too much effort to throw on the walking shoes and had out for 1-2km just to get a breath of fresh air.

This has been a really good challenge for me, one of the successes of the year.

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