Podcast of the Month - Life's A Beach

Published September 29, 2022

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One of the reasons I drifted away from podcasts in the last few years was due to the vast amount that were just celebrities interviewing other celebrities. It all got a bit circular, especially during lockdown when our favourite stars didn’t have much else to do.

My podcast of the month this time is one of those though, because it’s too good not to mention. Alan Carr started a show called Life’s A Beach that talked to a different celebrity each week about their favourite travel destinations, tips and experiences. It was specifically launched in lockdown, revelling in the talk about holidays where real life wouldn’t allow the practicalities of actual travel.

“Life’s A Beach sees Alan giving Judith Chalmers and Michael Palin a run for their money as he invites a famous guest each week to discuss their favourite places in the world. Bursting with anecdotes, laidback chat and laugh out loud travel tales - if this podcast was a suitcase you’d have to sit on it.”

The podcast has continued on since the globe has started reopening to travel though, with guests as recently as July closing out series three. There are lots of comedians scattered through the series, as you might expect, but also surprising guests such as Tim Peake, Simon Le Bon and even Kiefer Sutherland!

I like listening to this as travel isn’t huge on my agenda at the moment so living vicariously through everyone else is perfect.

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