Too much too soon

Published August 7, 2022

An orange network cable with miniature figures in white coveralls inspecting it, one with a camera pressed to their eye

This website,, has been hosted on a static site generator for just over three years and it’s been a fantastic step forward for me. At the time of the big switchover, I wrote about the pros and cons of moving away from Wordpress and it’s fair to say since then the pros keep getting better and better but the cons haven’t necessarily gone away.

It turns out, I write a lot. Too much, it’s probably been said. Pipe down, you might want to tell me. But I have things I need to share, content to review, photos to publish, and this is where I want to do it. The static site generator part has been struggling to keep up. I’m using Hugo, but it’s not a Hugo-specific problem. There are others, Zola and many more, and none of them are particularly geared up for the volume of content I already have and plan to continue making.

So to ease the burden of my over-sharing, my Film Watch reviews are now on their own separate sub-site. With over 1300 posts, that’s a significant reduction on the existing site, and things have started working faster and become more usable. (It was never unusable or broken, just slow and getting slower and less fun every time.) It’s a temporary fix, there are more solutions planned, but for now, the films are set a little bit apart.

The links at the top of the site still work so if you click into films, you get a seamless transition to the new section, and from there, you can get back to the main mrschristine site just as easily. Some of the ‘more to explore’ bits are a bit wonky at the moment, and the films now don’t show up on the homepage, but otherwise, it’s a neat stop-gap until the next step is ready.

Whilst setting up new static site presences on the web, the opportunity arose to move Sidepodcast Daily over to its own little static hub and that means it’s easier to update and I can really get to grips with reformatting the posts so they can live on in glory for the posterity that means so much to me.

Although ultimately this is a short-term measure, it’s given a new lease of life to both my personal writing and the Sidepodcast archive, and that means it’s another very exciting step in the static site journey. Oh, and sorry for writing so much. I’ll try to keep it down!

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