Rocking all over the world

Published August 8, 2022

The level of curated content available on Apple Music is so good that it’s overwhelming - partly because there’s so much of it and partly because, despite repeated upgrades and efforts, navigating around the Music app is still really difficult.

However, it’s super easy just to pop on one of the three radio channels and listen to whatever’s being played and my one favourite find at the moment is Rock Classics with Jenn, on the Apple Hits station. The premise is simple, Jenn guides us through brilliant rock classics from throughout music history based around a theme… and it’s the themes where the fun starts.

If I had to come up with themes for a show, it would be ’themes around colours’ or ‘songs from a particular year’ or ‘bands beginning with b’. But Jenn’s more inventive than that. Taking inspiration from real life, the themes are things like ‘I’ve been renovating my house so here are songs that mention hammers’ or ‘artists who have dad’s who have birthdays this month’ and really specific things like that. It’s great fun to first try and get your head round the theme, second try and guess what songs might be played, and then whilst listening, try and guess why a particular song fits that day’s theme.

All of it’s held together by Jenn’s inimitable style - friendly, hilarious, slightly bonkers, and just wonderful.

A splashy ink drawing of a rock guitar with the logo Rock Classics over the top

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