Salad days

Published August 1, 2022

Ingredients of a salad (lettuce, tomatoes, onion, chilli) scattered across the page

We’ve reached August and it’s time to start the eighth 30 day challenge of my year. Off the back of timing the Waterllama hydration challenge so perfectly for the hottest days in the UK ever, the summer vibe continues and this month I’m focused on lunchtimes. We’re going for 30 Days of Salads.

I’ve been eating more salads recently anyway, but it feels like it’s time to give the meal some proper attention. Firstly, I want to investigate varieties and recipes for salad so that it’s not just lettuce and cucumber every day that could get boring. Secondly, understanding what I can use from my garden and what I can look to grow next year to make salads for lunch an easy and super tasty thing.

Where I have previously declared I’ll ’eat nothing but salads from now on’, it’s always ended up being a real faff to pack it all up for work and the habit quickly falls away. But now, I’m lucky enough to have an element of working from home, so it feels as though being a bit more adventurous on the plate is more accessible and there’s time to figure out how to make the travel salad work better.

Having said that, I’m putting it out there now that 30 days of salads is clearly an aspirational challenge, I can already see the day when I’m hungover and don’t want to even consider lunch let alone anything green, so I want to go into this month with an open mind and a relaxed attitude and let’s see how many salads get consumed and what delicious finds are uncovered along the way!

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